J and J Towing


Here at J&J towing we understand how frustrating breaking down with your car or truck can be. We are 24 -7 service located in Northern New Jersey to help you with all your unforeseen breakdowns or mishaps that may happen with your car or truck.

We offer full flatbed towing service for all wheel drive, classic cars or even dually pickups or mason dump trucks; and can tow them to anywhere you may need them towed, day or night.


We offer full insured to 100,000 dollar any car or truck so no need to worry about if your car is covered while J&J towing has your car, you are always protected.

With over 20 years of towing service we have ran into almost every roadside emergency situation and are able to handle anything you need us to do for you. We know how every car and truck should be handled with direct specifications from the manufacturer so no need to worry when J and J is towing your car, we know how to handle your car or truck with care as not to add to your stress.

We offer Jump starts, lockout service, changing spare tires and run low clearance flatbeds for those super low cars as well as offer full recovery and winching services if you get stuck or anything you feel you might need our tow truck for.

We are a West Milford official Police tower and have relationships with most local repair shops to make getting you back on the road a quick and easy process, any questions just call us today.


We also offer long distance towing from anywhere you may have broken down or become disabled so dont hesitate to give us a call from anywhere you might need our towing service.

Our rates are reasonable and very competitive and you can be rest assured that when you call the price given over the phone will be the price when job is completed, you have our word.